About Studio Formata

Design Studio

Studio Formata is a Swedish design company founded in 2016 by mother and daughter, Ingela and Clara Bergman.

Our journey started with a desire to let ideas and visions of design materialise in a meeting with classical techniques and craft traditions. To create objects of the highest quality with a unique design and let tradition meet innovation in a playful interaction.

All our marbled patterns are created by us in our studio in south of Sweden.


”I am inspired by and have a strong passion for exploring and creating unexpected meetings between colours, shapes and materials and want to give the imagination a free rein within every given theme. I also have a strong interest in using ancient craft traditions and techniques in new creative contexts.

I am studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.”


"As being a person with a great love for and a deep interest in many different arts and handicrafts I have let my curiosity lead my way through life with studies in music as well as art, antiques and various handicraft techniques. I am therefore glad to have had the chance to work both in the music field, with interior design and antiques. With Studio Formata I am now happy to be able to share my work and passions with my daughter Clara."

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